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Odor control is one of the most complex subjects that carpet cleaner's face on a daily basis. Some of the most common odors that we encounter are cooking, smoke, musty or earthy, and pet odors. Odors are gases or vapors which emanate from a source into the air. The basic principles for deodorization work, is to identify the odor and find the source.

Eliminate or remove the source and clean the contaminated area. By utilizing a deodorizing fog, gas, or spray we can penetrate the affected areas and recreate the conditions in which the contamination was deposited. Some of the contaminated areas that may need cleaned or sealed may include all walls, ceilings, cabinets and other wood products , air ducts and all fabrics including upholstery and carpets.


The most common of household odors is pet odors, which can be caused by hair, dander, body oils, and urine or fecal matter. Pet urine can soak through the carpet into the carpet backing, into the padding, and even into the sub floor, creating a multilayer problem. Removing the source (urine) of pet odors is challenging because of the multiple layers of contamination.

There are a number of ways to treat the odor depending on the degree of contamination. Pet odor treatments can be as extensive as pulling up carpet and treating the sub floor, replacing the carpet pad or cushion, decontaminating and cleaning the back and top of the carpet and reinstalling. We can also decontaminate the top of the carpet only, or for a few accident types of spots we can do a sub-surface extraction. Sub-surface extraction involves flooding the areas with special neutralizers and by using a special extraction tool we can rinse the contamination from all the affected areas.