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In addition to carpet cleaning and restoration we offer ceramic tile & grout cleaning. For most, the old fashion mop and bucket is the tile cleaning tools of choice. Although this works fine for routine maintenance, eventually your tile and especially your grout lines start to get darker. When you mop the dirt, soil, and dirty water get absorbed into your grout and the pores of your tile leaving it dull and dingy looking. Being on your hands and knees with a brush just doesn't get it done. THERE IS AN EASIER WAY!

At Schmitz Carpet Care we have the most advanced and modern ceramic tile & grout cleaning equipment available. We use a powerful truck mounted steam cleaner utilizing a rotary high pressure washer which sprays steaming high pressure water through a rotary arm and instantaneously vacuums the water through the ports of the rotary sprayer not allowing any dirty water to settle into the grout lines. Fans can be installed to facilitate the drying process, and we can also seal your grout. So if you want to restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tile & grout and want to stay off your knees, call Schmitz Carpet Care for your Tile & Grout Cleaning needs. We can save you time, money, and a pain in the……..knee's.




Our courteous and knowledgeable cleaning professionals will always provide you with a clear assessment of what your cleaning project will require. 

The world is experiencing a trend toward greater awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution. Air duct systems have been found to gather unhealthy accumulations of various airborne contaminants. Some of these impurities in Tucson Arizona include Dust, Pollens, Animal Hair, Dander, Insects and their droppings, all of which can breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. To insure an air duct system is cleaned properly, all of the contaminants and debris must be removed. Source removal is the best way to achieve this in the HVAC system, through the use of mechanical vacuum sweepers and other specialized equipment. At Schmitz Carpet Care "We Have The Answer". The patented ROTOBRUSH DUCT CLEANING SYSTEM. This advanced cleaning method thoroughly scrubs and vacuums your air ducts. The effectiveness of theROTOBRUSH is truly amazing, snaking it through your ductwork with the ability to make right and left hand turns, all the while it is scrubbing and vacuuming at the same time. All the vacuumed contaminants and debris are captured and then filtered with a DUAL HEPA filtration system. We can also apply sanitizers to your duct work with a safe disinfectant commonly used in hospitals and nursing facilities. This technique is so proven, many homes are seeing the immediate benefits of the ROTOBRUSH AIR DUCT CLEANING SYSTEM.

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